Lolita 247-309

“I felt suffocated as he rolled over me. I rolled over him. We rolled over us. They rolled over him.” (299)

I found this specific quote quite interesting. It seems as of HH and Quilty have figuratively become one in this rolling process and it makes you wonder, well how different are the two really. HH has played the “willy wizard” in this novel and Lolita his prey. Yet at one point, Humbert becomes the prey and Quilty the hunter. “The necessity of being constantly on the lookout for the little moustache and open shirt.” (228) states HH. Which makes him feel like the one being chased. And it seems to be that they change positions quite often. HH then being hunting down Quilty. He figures out all the differnt names that Quilty has used to stay in hotels. Once again we see their similarities here. HH plays with words,while Quilty plays with names. And we cant avoid the obvious fact that they are both into younger girls. As where Quilty likes to make sexual tapes of the, Humbert is on the other end actually enjoying the touch and sexual pleasures that they provide. Yet i find it ironic that HH wants to kill Quilty ” because you took advantage of my inner essential innocence, because you cheated me,” (300) as he makes Quilty confess, Yet HH did the same to Lolita. They are both in the wrong doing, not saying they deserve to die, but it why should HH punish Quilty with out punishing himself. Maybe in some sort of way that was HH’s way of punishing himself, through killing someone who resembled him so.

I would also like to mention that towards the end of section two, I began to rethink whether HH trully loved Lolita. I began to feel that maybe he did. In this section I felt like we see a different side of HH. Something that made me feel weirdly warm inside. When he came to her house and was rejected by her, I expected with to shoot her right there. However he gives her money and lets her live her life. The fact that he was willing to marry her and raise the child as his own kind of made me feel sorry for him that he was rejected. He came off as someone simply screaming for love and affection, but from that one special girl. He still feels love and sees her inner beauty, even though ! she has left the nymphet stage. “I insist the world know I love my Lolita, this Lolita…,” (278) he states. I also expected him to be grossed out by her and new pregnant state. Also towards the end he wishes her the best in life and actually gives her advice. “Don’t talk to strangers, I hope you will love your baby…” (309) Making it evident that maybe HH trully cared for her and her well being. Although I temporarily felt sympathy for him, it still is not enough to cancel out the fact that he took advantage of a young girls innocence.

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