H.H The end of Lolita

Well I’ll start off at when Humbert was looking crazy for Lolita and then met Rita. (258)Well H.H fell into a depress state then as he travels I found out he did had a interest for Rita a older women. H.H felt for her because of their similar conflicts which seemed she saved him for a little bit until the main scene when his Lolita mailed him. The love for Lolita he had surprised me to the fact he knew she was pregnant but still raced to his car to confront her.

Well after some questing here Humbert finally finds Lolita who was big belly. As he popped the big question Lolita broke down the truth between the events that had happened. The moment when Humbert was rejected as a lover I literally felt for him because he thought it was a two sided love. My reaction to when Lolita brought up this Cue it was too funny to find out Lo was always a curious nymphet but even more that she still loved cue even after he kicked her out after filming adult movies with her. Humbert broke into rage and joy at the same time proves he is still human who can make mistakes.

After quickly analyzing her, Lolita was the splitting image of Charlotte.(275)So much irony in that page yet H.H still loves her dis pike a older image. Humbert then goes through his self actualization when he learned that he will always love Lolita and not do her any harm which most had claimed the readers would expect him to kill Lolita. After saying his final goodbyes then he basically gave Lolita all of the fortune even after all that has happened to live a happy life with dick in Alaska.

Then it became all emotional towards the end with his reflections of all the events leading up to the point his Lolita grew up. So now the big scene for which Humbert tries to make things write again. So H.H finds out the guy who kicked Lolita out of the ranch(note:his name is Clare quilty) then H.H goes hidden action hero on him. The way Humbert wanted Clare to atone for “raping” Lolita had the emotions of a father wanting his daughter to be free of all the evils the world had placed on them. So after all that has happened Humbert went from being a pedophile to a father who wanted his daughter not to live the life of drugs and abuse from a criminal. He will always love Lolita even after death

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