Lolita part: 2 pages: 143-247

Humbert attempts to entertain Lolita on their cross-counrty trip by taking her to various amusement parks and places. He does this in his attempt to get closer to her. However, Lolita, who is maturing into an independent young lady, sometimes disobeys. Even though I think that Humbert is just sexually in love with Lolita, he has his moments where he truly does look out for her. From pages 149 to 151, he makes a long speech on how much he truley cares for her, and that he has Lolita’s best interests at heart. He also gives her the threat that if she goes to the police, she may get arrested. Humbert is trapping her with all the potential punishments she may have to endure from the world, but, at the very least, giving Lolita her free time.

Humbert allowed Lolita to go to the beach, make a few friends and even have a party. I think this was mostly to try to bond with Lolita and trap her into liking him. With each day, I think Humbert really is getting closer to Lolita’s heart and may win her affection eventually.

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