Lolita 143-247

Its a biginning of something new for humbert since he sees lolita all grown up in the story. He sees lolita maturing throughout the days and he is very uncertain wheather or not she is the one as before. Other than that his afraid someday he will get caught with lolita and tells her not to tell the cops. on him or else she would stay as an orphan for the rest of her life. His words have a direct contact towards her as his manipulations wins over her. Lolita is has no other choice but to approve his deal. Its a very smart act of humbert to tell her this in order for them to stay together. “By rubbing all this in, I succeeded in terrozing Lolita to espite  a certain brash alertness of manner and spurts of wit was not as intelliegent a child as her I.Q. might suggest.” (Pg 151). This shows that humbert is on topof his game. Meaning he is alwasy going to win and get what ghe wants. I just6 dont get the fact why he is treating her this way when he supposibly loves her. I know for a fact something is going to happen. His going to start losing feelings towards her and maybe end up giving up on her. Problabluy since he got what he wanted and is through.


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