Lolita Response

The reasons for Humbert’s travelling, is to keep Lolita happy and also to let others not caught on with his and get relationship.


Through Humbert’s journey he as avoided external problem through his travels with lolita and also internalĀ ones, only because he hadn’t settled in one Ā place for too long.Ā “For little Lo was aware of that glow of hers, and I would often catch herĀ coulantĀ unĀ regardĀ in the direction of some amiable male, some greasy monkey, with a sinewy had I turned my back to go and buy this very Lo a lollipop, than I would hear her and the fair mechanic burst into a perfect love dong of wisecracks.159” This seems to signifies that humbert has paid full attention to Lolita and what her experience with sex had done to her. He notice that through sex, it had made her more attractive to men around her. Ā Humbert is very wary of what going on, what would do anything to stop her interaction with men or “male gender as a whole”, he states that he doesn’t want to lose her.


Through reading I could see that humber is getting careless with his action. He is constantly trying to get through to Lolita through the act of bribes and it seems to easily consume Lolita’s action ofĀ  moralities. Also he’s bringing their sexual acts, more in the open, which shows he being reckless.


Note: Humbert and Gaston both seem to fool society through pedophilia.



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