Lolita Growing Up (pgs 143-247)

I feel as if Lolita is starting to form her own character. she is beginning to mature and that is scaring Humbert Humbert. The fact that she is starting to go against his commands and starting to do things he doesn’t want her to do shows she’s is escaping that nymphet stage. it seems though Lolita’s character is that of any other girl around her. since Humbert is so paranoid by the fact that Lolita may be having other sexual activities other than with Humbert, she start to hide things from Humbert. So according to the text the more Humbert tries to keep her away from these things and boys; the more Lolita start doing the opposite of what Humbert wants.

it comes to a point where Lolita is not the sweet and innocent girl Humbert used to know.”Queer! I who was jealous of every male we met-queer, how i misinterpreted the designations of doom. Perhaps i had been lulled by Lo’s modest behavior in winter, and anyway it would have been too foolish even for a lunatic to suppose another Humbert was avidly following Humbert and Humbert’s nymphet with Jovian fireworks, over the great and ugly plains(pg217).” it looks as if Humbert is becoming really possessive over Lolita. he feels to me that one day Lolita might just disappear and leave him for eternity.

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