Lolita (143- 247)

In this section of the book we start to see a different Lolita than we are used to see. This Lolita is a Lolita thats older and starting to mature. Humbert sees a new behavior in her and is scared that Lolita will say anything about their dirty secrets. “While I stand gripping the bars, you, happy neglected child, will be given a choice of various dwelling places, all more or less the same, the correctional school, the reformatory, the juvenile detention home..”(151) He manipulates her explaining to her that if the police ever finds out about what he’s done to her he will go to jail and she will an orphan and no one to look after her like he does and she will end up in a juvenile detention home. Throughout this section Lolita behaves bad which Humbert fear increases about their secret to be revealed and he starts to get jealousy feelings when he sees Lolita talking to boys. Humbert wants to have her away from boys and thats affecting her and her behavior which her headmistress from her school thinks “sexual maturing seems to give her trouble” (193).

Lolita’s behavior with Humbert gets worst and as I can see plays games with him. She be lying to him and in a certain way I’ll say manipulates him. I feel that now that she is maturing Lolita understands the bad things Humbert has committed and will keep doing. Since she knows that she has power to accuse Humbert she wants to do whatever she wants and will do anything to keep annoying him and manipulating him to get whatever she wants. But Lolita also can’t live without him because several times she runs back to him because she feels lonely and they end up having sex. Both Humbert and Lolita are crazy and reckless but soon it stops for while because Lolita goes missing after she was taken by her uncle after she had been sick at hospital. Humbert is a crazy human being and as he been saying throughout the book he will do anything in order to be with Lolita and will kill anyone that gets in his way so most likely someone will die.

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