During this part, I see H.H first as the hunter then as the prey… “The hunter becomes the hunted”. H.H. travels around the country, by traveling H.H have evaded the trouble with society and his sick affair with Lolita. H.H also at the first chapter tries to manipulate Lolita by saying that she has no one else but him “so I go to jail. Okay. I go to jail. But what happened to you, my orphan?” (151). in one occasion he jealous of a tall man that plays with Lolita, “noticed Lo in white shorts receding through the speckled shadow of a garden path in the company of a tall man” his sick obsess towards Lolita just grows bigger and bigger, to a point where H.H send Lolita to a School for girls. H.H ill delusion makes him imaging the scenario of Lolita toying with other nymphets at the school playground, but unfortunately, builders ruin his view “by means of powerful binoculars, the statistically inevitable percentage of nymphets among the other girl-children playing around Dolly” (179). H.H starts noticing how naïve he was and how was being control by Lolita “but I was weak, I was not wise, my schoolgirl nymphet had me in thrall.” (183). Lolita start to change, to rebel against H.H, when she demands higher fees for sexual favors, H.H paranoiac with the thought that, with the money Lolita has saved, so she cannot run away. Eventually H.H takes away the money.

H.H, after all his magical manipulation his cold thinking and all, he recklessly do something so irrational “unbuttoned my overcoat and for sixty-five cents plus the permission to participate in the school play, had Doly put her inky, chalky, red-knuckled hand under the desk” (198). Maybe I am thinking too much, maybe I am traumatized by how our professor makes us think outside the box, But she is masturbating H.H in front of Lolita’s unnamed friend “and there was another girl with a very naked, porcelain-white neck and wonderful platinum hair, who sat in front reading too” (198). This happened in a public place.

Lolita transforms from a nymphet (caterpillar) to where we are now, the metamorphoses into adulthood, and later the manipulation or seduction towards H.H. this fact occurs when they both fight and Lolita escapes in chapter 16.

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