In the beginning of this section we see Humbert begin to worry about his actions. He feels the need to ensure that Lolita will keep their affair a secret. Humbert is quite manipulating when he tells Lolita that if the police were to find out about them Humbert will go to jail for a maximum of ten years. But even worse, or at least he tries to make it seem that Lolita would suffer worse. Lolita has no one to take care of her and she will become an orphan. He is very manipulative because he is trying to make it seem like he truly cares for Lolita and her well being. He tries to make her think that it is to her benefit that she keeps their secret even when she is angry at Humbert. “By rubbing all this in, I succeeded in terrozing Lo, who despite a certain brash alertness of manner and spurts of wit was not as intelliegent a child as her I.Q. might suggest.” (Page 151) This quote not only shows that Humbert chooses to manipulate Lolita but also shows him think of her as inferior. He does not respect her. Even though he claims that he loves her. I don’t understand what he is planning to do in the long run with Lolita. Does he believe that one day they can be accepted by society? Or is he now beginning to realize that he was just merely infactuated by Lolita’s childish personality and body and now he fears that Lolita may reveal their dirty secret. It seems to me that now that Humbert has what he so long desired and strategized to obtain he is now beginning to become turned off by Lolita. The things he once found endearing is not so endearing anymore. This truly is an example of the saying, be careful what you wish for!

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