Two Lolitas

Coming towards the end of the book, I’m coming to the conclusion that Humbert is an untrustworthy character. He’s playing the role of deceitful manipulator, manipulating characters for his own selfish will; the will of reconnecting with Annabel. I believe his deception even includes deceiving one of the most important characters in the book, Dolores “Lolita” Haze.

As of now, I’m starting to believe that Dolores Haze has two aspects that affect Humbert’s view of her. There’s Dolores the Body, which brings on the resemblance of Annabel and then there’s Dolores the Character, as in her characteristics–her manners. The character traits of Lolita, Dolores Haze, hold somewhat of a repulsion to Humbert. He states, “Charlotte I began to understand you”(149) as when Lolita’s mannerisms were shown to be that of a “brat”(148) while traveling on their road journey. He also states how her attitude affects his sex life with her, as it would take “hours of blandishments(persuasion),threats and promises to lend[him]…a few seconds [of] her brown limbs in the seclusion of the five dollar room…”(147).

It’s apparent that he wants to scare Dolores into quietness as she represents, “Annabel Haze, alias Dolores Lee, alias Loleeta”(167). He brings into event ,that if he should be imprisoned for statutory rape, she would be be placed into a “correctional school, the reformatory, the juvenile detention home, or one of those admirable girls’ protectories”(151).He wants to make sure her viewpoint can only benefit his possession of her, while in the process of degrading her character’s “I.Q.”(151) for not being able to figure out his plan. As read way earlier, in Part One of the book, Humbert believes that Dolores is the incarnated girl-child of Annabel. That’s why we read about how Humbert tried to “relive”(162) his days with Annabel through Dolores’s body.

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