Lolita reading response her realization

From the start of their journey all over the country, you could just sense from Humberts tone in his description of Lolita early things were about to take a twist. A few time he would describe her as cruel without amusement as if he meant it. He even described his lost of desire for her by saying “I had little desire for her as a manatee.” (p. 167). I feel that Humbert sees Lolita as a vulnerability the more she grows and rightly so as she is now growing out of her nymphet phase. He believes that if Lolita attends Beardsley School for girls, she’s right under his eyes and even more so. He was more overprotective than average and you wonder why.  He even thought about locking “Lolita up somewhere …..” (p. 176). I never really seen this type of aggression from Humbert before and you just wonder if hes scared to lose Lolita or he’s just really sick.

After talking to the school principal, He threw away the possibility of Loita “enjoying the company of boys, organizations and even visiting other people’s homes.” (p. 195). I think its an awkward position for Lolita as she is not a little girl anymore and Humbert’s arguments for his actions are lacking stability as she grows. His prowess to lure Lolita was fading and Humbert knew that. Not only that, but it felt like Lolita was gaining knowledge as to what was really going on. She even remembered the name of the hotel that she and Humbert stayed at The Enchanted Hunters as the “hotel where you raped me.” (p. 202).  Her responses are getting more and more mature and you can see as to the cause of Humberts panic. It just made you think for a minute like how much does Lolita really know and understand about the situation.

I knew for sure something was up when she denied contact with another man when Humbert visibly saw them. In my eyes that was a sign of things to come. I felt Lolita became of age and realized the pedophilia of Humbert. I guess it was inevitable as Lolita was never going to be a nymphet forever but not in Humbert’s eyes. The fact that Lolita had left did not surprise me at all. Her constant rejecting of Humbert after a while said a lot and to me parity had been restored.

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