Lolita PART TWO: Sec-1-22

There were a couple of things that stood out the most to me when reading part 2 of the novel. First when Lolita and Humbert are going all across the states, he start noticing things about her such stating “when she chose, could be a most exasperating brat……little girl” (#148) this passage had me a little amazed being as HH was so deep under her nymphet spell to ever notice the things that Mrs. haze had so clearly wined about almost daily. He himself states” Charlotte, I began to understand you!” (#149) Also, on page 153 entire paragraph two , HH starts to see how different Lolita’s views of something was from his. He would notice the beauties of nature, while Lolita would simply be amazed by roadway signs. Later on he states that nobody could ever surpass Lolita and her nymphet beauty but then states ” if they did, it was so two or three times at the most.” (#161) At this point I’m wondering if maybe HH’s feelings towards Lolita might eventually change into something that isn’t so repulsive to someone. However, it still becomes evident later on that HH is still fighting for the attention and love of Lolita by trying to give her what ever she pleases, just so that she can caress him, laugh with him, and please him in different ways. At this point i feel like the novel reaches a even bigger level of grotesqueness. I feel like HH had fallen into the role of a father. So now instead of thinking that a young girl and an older man are engaging in sexual relations, we have to think of a father and his daughter doing these things. He moves into a house to give her a routine and school to actually go to, he reads book such as “know your own daughter” and reads blogs in regards to teenage girls and their interactions with other young man, he sets rules for her, and restricts her from doing certain things. He comes of as a concerned father however, HH always has an ulterior motive and this strong hold he begins to have on her could possibly be because he is scared that she might leave his side, I mean she is only one year away from actually leaving the nymphet stage.

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