Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov p143-247

Humbert and Lolita travel the country and continue their love affair.  Humbert try to recreate some of the place the he and Annabel by taking her outdoor. Where he pretended that Lolita is Annabel.  “We comadre, let me tell you  that i did look for a beach”(167). Humbert going to the beach will give him an opportunity to recreate the moment he and Annabel spent one night. In his eyes Lolita represent Annabel that try to make love to her on the beach will be like making love to Annabel. Lolita to Humbert Humbert was always Annabel and nothing more. He see Lolita as a way to continue his romantic live with Annabel.

Humbert living his life with Annabel through Lolita.

Even thought Humbert have Lolita to himself, he still have fear that he and Lolita will get caught or Lolita will run away. “But i was weak, i wan to wise, my schoolgirl nymphet had me in the thrall”(183). When there was living together Lolita become more demand by asking for more money. This lead humbert to fear that she might run way or ruin him by telling the police the truth about them. Humbert knowing that Lolita might be playing with him. He took causation from preventing Lolita form to catching him off guard.


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