Lolita #3

Well I had read so much Lolita that my response will be like Humbert Humbert saying. So a lot has happened after the whole incident so I find myself surprised that Humbert still set this plan into motion even if he crossed that line. After learning out that his relations with Lolita fell by miles, he even starts to call her names like “exasperating brat” and even a “disgusting little girl” which like 20 pages before he couldn’t get enough of her.(148) Himberts even says he began to understand Charlotte(149) which I turned over since this was in the first pages of part 2 so I can believe he is straight forward telling the story. So this foreshadow events that come up like Humbert regretting have intercourse with Lolita which is the funniest thing since society deemed Humbert a pedophile but he was even sadden after the whole thing because Lolita wasn’t the same to which his vision of his perfect nymphet fell to the pits of imagination land o the shame Humbert will face.

After some pages of understanding the relationship after the incident it seemed that Humbert bribes Lolita so she won’t go off and land Humbert in jail which he then starts to bring Lo self esteem down. Well back then society was more unforgiving so Lolita will be deemed this delinquent child since she crossed the line and knew what she was doing. When I saw Humbert start to say things like I don’t are if I go to jail, I start to believe he knew there was no turning back. Well Humbert goes back to his old ways of being this mastermind and the one he controls is under his control which he starts to terrorizing Lolita evening calling her dumb because of her I.q. that is why he bilieve the plan will work. As the long trip to Murcia starts to unfold, Humbert began to develop jealousy because he owns Lolita and no one else can have her mentality.I wished Humbert realized earlier how he is master plan will go but as the more I read the more I began to see the unsatifaction of their time alone. Like a parts where Humbert is haunted by Charolette ghost, which I will say that the irony Humbert begin to feel just starting to unfold before him.

I will bring up the part where he used alias for Lolita which the first one was “Annabel Haze” which he subconsciously used to demonstrate what he thought of Lolita.Most likely the names he used was like a personification for what he saw in Lolita like different phrases the first being Annabel, the second trying to find out more about Lolita like when he was trying to find out her first name, and the final being what she truling is and not just another Annabel.Then it came to me when everywhere they go; Lolita tries to find help through attempts of getting people attentions sine Humbert has a controlling presence over her.At first Humbert didn’t care about legal business but as time progressed he began not to trust Lolita. A prime example was when he was giving her money only to find out she was saving up maybe for a escape from Humbert’s grasp well I won’t talk about it much since the whole college thing had gotten me confused but I knew what he went there for but the Sid conversations there was just confusing as he talked aboouted it then went to Lolita’s private school.

Humbert at this point just wants complete control over Lolita until he find out legally how they can be together. Also I call Gaston out for “spending time with little boys”I called it.I would edit it if I get a complete understanding of what happened at Beardsley college.

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