Lolita 143-247

H.H is all over the place so far. The second part of the story starts off with him and Lolita traveling the states. But as they are traveling things starts to unfold with Lolita I would say.  H.H is constantly feeling some way when Lolita wants to interact with other people such as when she wanted to pick up hitch hikers (159) and when he let her go to the rink my guess which is a park (160). I feel this is just Lolita simply growing up and wanting to feel apart of society such as H.H standing alone.

Not to just focus on the beginning of part 2 H.H begins to threaten or should I say bully Lolita. I realize he more focused on being caught that he goes the extra mile of threatening her with reform school (150-151) “…will be given a choice of various dwelling places, all more or less the same, the correctional school, the reformatory, the juvenile detention…”  But he doesn’t just bully Lolita he also is corrupting her values, Making her feel that their actions are good when indeed there wrong. 

When they move into their house H.H controls every little thing that Lolita does. Which I feel is going to make Lolita go insane literally. As Lolita starts to make demands I feel it’s just a reflection of what H.H created. He Even feels the need to go into her room and take back what he has given her (the money) because he fear she will leave with the money she saves.  

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