Lolita’s voice

The end of chapter 32. “Why can’t I call my mother if I want to?” “Because,” I answered, “your mother is dead.”


After hearing this I didn’t took Mr.Humbert/Dad seriously. I was stunned of course, becuse he had said it so casually “because your mother is dead”. I then said angrily “stopping messing around with me”. He then pulled over the car close to a sidewalk at an intersection. He started going into detail of how he had heard the new this morning. He said when he had ran along to get the car warmed up, while I was using the bathroom, a security guard at the hotel said the hospital had called and said he should deliver the news. I didn’t wanted to hear, the news all seems blurry for me, and I had lost my sense of smell, tasting, and sight.


Eating Food/treats, or having a measly chat, is not going to help me.I can’t believe she is gone, I didn’t want you to leave me mommy, my tears are never ending..Time had past and Dad was there for me, During that night daddy rented a hotel with two different rooms. I found myself running to him, in search of comfort, he’s all I have now. I just regret that we had not done what we had did, oh please forgive me Mom.

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