Lolita’s impressions

Scene 27(110-112) and scene 29(133-137)
I Picked scene 27 because she played Humbert for money, Scene 29 Lolita was the one pulling the string

The camp advisor called me to tell me that my father was here to pick me up. After I packed up I saw him and said Mr. Haze by accident so I quickly said Mr. Humbert to make up for it. We went in the car to drive around then he started to breakdown and said nothing so I had gotten bored so I nodded for him to be more on the crazy side. Then as I saw a cop I hoped for him to taken Mr. Humbert to jail after he was driving reckless but I was disappointed as he made a U-turn. I wanted to stop for a bit for a washroom, then I wanted ice cream  but had no money. I decided to play Hr. Humbert with the open my wallet only to find out I had no money trick. He played into my trap then here is when he started to kiss me a lot then I told the dirty man to stop.

When Mr. Humbert took me to the room he kept on kissing me then when I’d told him it would be incest as mother will bed mad, he kept on looking at me with eyes of passion. Then after I ate I felt sleepy so I laid down to rest, as I woke up I was undressed by this dirty man. I pretended to sleep but I was curious if he was going to do it to me. So as I woke up disappointed  I kissed Mr. Humbert gently so he can get what kind of game I’m playing. I started to give clues to what I wanted to do but he seemed not to understand me at al. Then I decided to ask the questions like do you know what kinds of games I’ve played with Charlie. He replied “I did not know what game I played” then I found out he never did it. I looked at him with disgust to find out that this man had never did it so I took pity on him then I started to explain what sex was to him.  

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