Giving Lolita a Voice

The scene in the story I picked is in section 27 pages 122-123. HH and Lolita are at the table eating and HH offers her some of his ‘vitamin x’ pills.

“Oh, just Purpills. Vitamin X. Makes one strong as an ox or an ax. Want to try one?” he said. Of course I will, if I want to keep up with him. I stretched out my hand and nodded vigorously for the pill. That pill, Vitamin X, soon I will be as strong as her–Charlotte, dear mother– how it must feel to loose to me, a simple little girl. I will be better than her for him, and I will no longer be a child to him or anyone’s child but just HIS. Once in the elevator i leaned against his broad shoulders and made my way to his chest where i could silently hear his heart beating for me–wouldn’t you like me to tell you?, “sleepy, huh?” said uncle tom, why would he say that i’m fine, just a little tired from it all. I didn’t realize how fast we got to the room, but I quickly sat down on the corner of the bed. I looked upon him, does he like his little girls pure and untouched? Will he still want me then, after I confess it all? “If I tell you—if i tell you, will you promise…[why cant i get this out? whats wrong with me?!] promise you wont make complaints?” He has to, or he looses me and I don’t think that is an option for him. Why do I even care he’s the one who’s interested. “Later, lo. Now go to bed. Ill leave you here, and you go to bed. Give you ten minutes.”—Well i guess not. Not if hes going to leave me here–“oh, I’ve been such a disgusting girl, Lemme tell you”  I watched him walk out the door and I could even hear his first steps as he went downstairs. I think I lost consciousness, and when I opened my eyes he still wasn’t back yet. I leaned up and the room was spinning but I didn’t seem to understand why, I laid backed, rested my head and dozed off.

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