Reminder: new ‘Lolita’ blog due W 10/16 (+ optional extra credit blog)

I hope that you all enjoyed your day off this week (I’m having a fabulous time in Iceland … when I get back to NYC, I’ll post few photos of the amazing display of the Northern Lights that I saw on Monday night!).

Just a few quick reminders:

For our next class, you should have read Lolita, pages 97-142 and blogged in response (Reading Response #7). This blog, as all reading responses, is due the night before class (so in this case, Wednesday, 10/16).

There is also an optional (extra-credit) blog due on Lolita’s impressions. If you opt to do this blog, it is due before class begins on Thursday (10/17).

Please remember to continue to contribute to our ongoing class archive on Humbert’s narration (you can drop a comment here at any point).

Next week we’ll review for our mid-term exam on Tuesday (10/22) and then have the exam in-class on Thursday (10/24). We will pick up with the next section of Lolita and our blogging the following week (10/29).

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