Lolita’s Not Innocent

As should be known now, and as I always felt, Lolita is too advanced for her age. She rhetorically asks Humbert, “…wouldn’t mother be absolutely mad if she found out we were lovers?”(114). As seen way back in the book, it’s obvious Lolita has some type of crush on Humbert; an example being her magazine tear outs of men bearing Humbert’s “resemblance”(69). Though Humbert acts as if he is not pleased with these acts, another one of his talents, Lolita indirectly mocks his role as a “Dad”(114) in opposed to him really being her lover. It has now gotten to the point in where we see how “fond’(115) Lolita and Humbert are of each other. Lolita flirtatiously calls Humbert a “dirty man” whenever he suggest something that can be taken in a sexual manner; but hey, I guess in Lolita’s eyes she can handle a “dirty man”, as she notes herself to having been a “disgusting girl”(123) while away at camp last summer. This isn’t “innocent Annabel”(124), Lolita is a child who has had some type of sexual encounter before. Humbert notes that during a morning kiss, it was like she had been“coached”(133) by someone, most likely due to her early lesbian experience; but in regards to this kiss, it should be noted that this was not the first time, Lolita had kissed Humbert mouth to mouth. The first, I believe was in the car, in which Humbert described as an “innocent game on her part”(113); later being revealed that Lolita had “…not a trace of modesty…”(133) in her. She wasn’t an innocent child as one would probably perceive her to be. A girl her age doesn’t kiss in a professional manner nor out of curiosity ask indecent questions such as, “…you never did it when you were a kid?”(133).

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