Lolita response: 8

Before reading these pages, I always thought that Lolita was the innocent one in the story. Now, after reading these pages, I was terribly wrong. Lolita wasn’t quite as pure and innocent as I thought. She completely acknowledges the fact that she and Humbert are lovers even though she also calls him “dad” (p: 114).

Though I seem to paddle back and forth between whose really the victim here. After reading about how he drugged Lolita, I thought Humbert was the bad guy all along, but then he stated that he stated that “I am not concerned with so-called “sex” at all” (p: 134). This is surprising because I thought Humbert was a mere pedophile, but all he is seeking is affection from Lolita. This all happened before Lolita found out that her mother died, which I think is or will be her breaking point.

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