Lolita pgs 97-142

This book is getting very interesting now that charlotte is dead and the truth is revealed about lolita. She already had sex with humbert and all this drama going on is crazy. Lolita has been expirementing humbert and she knows what shes doing because she already has her mind open to everything. The fact the humbert tells his jury that lolita wasnt his first lover is very shocking. The fact that she also told him what she was doing in camp also was crazy. She tells humbert she and barbara took turn having sex with charlie. I believe eveything is escalating very quickly that fact that lolita mom died and the truth is slowly coming out. Lolita isnt that innocent little girl anymore and humbert sees that and doesnt like it. This book is getting better and better evertime i read it. Chapter two should be even better now that everything is falling into place. Lets see what happens with lolita and humbert it should be interesting.

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