Lolita pg 97-142

I feel Humbert is starting to lose himself into his actions and his passion for Lolita. it came to a point where It feels as if a mad man is running around. it also looks like that Humbert became very possessive over Lolita , even to a point where he wanted to bring Lolita out of the camp. Back to the point, it seems as if Humbert Humbert  doesn’t see anything in his life except being with Lolita. He takes his Possession so far that he murder Charlotte and he hides in such a way that you would never guess it was Humbert Humbert. he uses Charlotte feeling against her. see she didn’t know that Humbert Humbert was into Lolita. so as soon as she got hold of that secret it hit her like a tornado. she felt devasted and with that she was run over by a car.

“Finally, the third epistle was obviously addressed to me. I made out such items as “…. after a year of separation we may….” “…..oh, my dearest, oh my …” ” worse than if it had been a women you kept…” “… or, maybe, I shall die…”. Charlotte had a lot of feelings towards Humber Humbert according to me. its the very same feeling what made her feel this way when the truth got out. I feel that Humbert Humbert killed Charlotte emotionally which led to her death, because all she cared and wanted was Humbert.



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