Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov P97-142

“Yes, I would devote all my life to the child’s welfare. Here, incidentally, was a little cross that Charlotte Becker had given me when we were both young”(100).  humbert intention was not to take care of lolita as a daughter but to keep lolita for himself. Now that Charlotte is out of the way Humbert can now proclaim his love for Lolita. It was clear to humbert now that there was now more obsolete to go through. All his effort of get rid of charlotte, attempt to put sleeping pill and put them to sleep, and killing charlotte in the lake; it turns out that he didn’t get to kill her. Humbert play his card right when he decided to adopt lolita after his wife death.

Lolita now belong to humbert humbert.

Now that lolita is humbert. In the being Humbert Humbert present Lolita as a perfect young women. Now he present a side of lolita that no one expected. Humbert present lollita as some played humbert to get her way. On the way back from camp lolita was complete different form her introduction.  “say, wouldn’t mother absolutely mad if she found out we were lovers?'(114). the innocent little girl have left lolita, now only a women remain. This prove that Lolita will do anything to humbert so she can get want she wants. In the reading the novel lolita know humbert want to be with her. Now that they are alone she is playing game with him. The one thing humbert was afraid that was going to happen to her, actual happen. Her experience at camp made her some one else. this side change my option about lolita, did not expect that. i will like to see how she will act next.


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