Lolita 97-147

This section we had to read was actually pretty good. Lolita is definitely something else. As Humbert picked up Lolita from camp (111) I was actually taken back a little bit on how Lolita came off to Humbert. I forgot how old she actually was. (112) ” I did not. Fact I’ve been revolting unfaithful to you ,but it does not matter one bit. Because you’ve stopped caring for me,anyway….” Shows that Lolita has definitely mature in a certain aspect of expressing how she feels but more as adult which is crazy to me. Then later on she say (114) ” wouldn’t mother be absolutely mad if she found out we were lovers?” Okay it was weird enough when she called him dad in the being but then she comes to terms with calling the Relationship between one another as lovers.

She then comes off as “been there, done that ” type of vibe. What would be a great example  is in chapter  29  when she wakes up and gives him a kiss. It was a shock to HH as well because he says “to my delirious embarrassment ”  I believe theirs something going on with Lolita  that we don’t no about ,  because how could a innocent  child turn into such a seductive adult at the tender age 12.  The pages we read today I would definitely say that Lolita has actually gain role of being the leader. Humbert den states “it was she who seduced me.” (132)






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