Lolita 97-142

So through about the novel, for some reason, I’ve stayed thinking that when HH finally got to sleep with a nymphet he was going to have this mystical experience. That he was going to be so relieved, and happy, satisfied that he was finally able to release all his desires for a true nymphet, and I though the fact that she was willingly doing it would add to this state of happiness. However, I really did not feel that from HH after it happened. Although it’s not a scene that I want to sit down and read, from HH I expected at least a description of an allusion that can compare to the moment. Yet he states “But these are irrelevant matters, I am not concerned with so called “sex” at all. Anybody can imagine those elements of animality” (#134) So I just stopped like, wait a second, he finally has Lolita, and he describes sexual intercourse with her as  sex, and nothing else.  Then he decides to omit the details. I guess because its easier to say sex, because everyone engages in it, then to put a hardcore image in the readers mind of a 12 year old girl and a older man, this would make HH seem disgusting and the “jury” will no longer be on his side. I guess this is another form of his manipulation. He also says “A greater endeavor lures me on; to fix one and for all the perilous magic of nymphets.” (134) I pondered on this for a moment and it confuses me. Maybe he’s trying to find a way out of what he feels since he’s so aware that its wrong. He later state “I am trying to…..Why?” (#135) This passage here describes how he wants to fix that line that separates nymphet love from either being hell or heaven as a pose to actually getting rid of the nymphet. Later on he calls Lolita “the body of some immortal demon disguised as a female child” (#139)  He’s constantly making connections to hell when it comes to Lolita and feelings for her. Overall I was shocked at how easily he threw in the text that he had sex with Lolita as appose to making it this big romantic gesture of the innocent nymphet lured and captured by the skilled hunter.

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