Lolita 97-142

This definitely hit the climax of the story. Starting of with the death of Mrs. Haze, which I still think is all happening to coincidently for my taste. He is a manipulator and a great story teller so its hard for me to believe whats true and what might be made up.

Its crazy to think that this man wasn’t really looking to take away the innocence of Lolita but to merely fondle her while she slept, and what amazes me even more is that even though the pill didn’t work out, “I had been deceived […] the security I had relied upon was a sham”(129). He still manages to get what he wants! and even more of a shock not only to me but even to H.H, Lolita is the one that comes on to him?! Wtf just happened here! I couldn’t even believe she asked him, “you never did it when you were a kid?”(133). No Lolita, your not supposed to be doing these things at such a young age, especially not in camp!

What I found really interesting though is that H.H finally realized his dream of being with his nymphet, but he actually felt horrible about it. “Whether or not the realization of a lifelong dream had surpassed all expectations, it had, in a sense, overshot its mark–and plunged into a nightmare”(140). This is definitely the turning point, he views her differently. In my opinion this separates Lolita from Annabel tremendously. Its hard for me to explain but the whole reason he was after Lolita was for the thrill of “TRYING” not to actually have sexual intercourse with her, and now that it happened its all gone. That was everything for him with Annabel and he was never able to “do it”. What is he supposed to do now? Ironically the prey caught the hunter, and he fears for himself now.

But can someone please tell me what this is suppose to mean, “At the hotel we had separate rooms, but in the middle of the night she came in sobbing into mine, and we made it up very gently”(142). I really hope its not what I think it means because if so that is sick!


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