Lolita 97-142

Not only Humbert goal achieved his goal by defeating the cold Charlotte but the way he described her body was gruesome. Well Humbert was filled with overjoy with the fact he finally hunted Lolita also Humbert believed fate was undeniable for Charlotte death that had been written down by the sisters of fate unable to free herself from death. Well the most interesting thing I found was Humbert’s oppion on Jean unlike others in his past he went into detail about her maybe because he felted bad because she was going to die by fate as well at the age of 33.(104)

Humbert plan seemed flawless with the walls of lies he starts to tell only to reach his goal to be with Lolita. I was cheering for Humbert all the way as he driven only by his desires. Well Humbert impression of Lolita was funny in a sense because she was different from the picture he imagined.(111)As soon as Humbert knew that he gotten Lolita in his arms he literally breaks down, It was no longer a fairy tale to him anymore. When Lolita started to show her true side I laughed because from the start I knew she was not pure as Humbert perceived. She was Indeed leading poor Humbert on, but Lolita true perception of Humbert was just a dirty man.(115) I’ll give him credit since he still continue to adore this “witty child”.

Humbert Had it all planned out even counter measures to his adventure with his prey. When I read the part when Lo describe her camp days, Well back to my last week blog I said fairy tale point of view as in this part of the story he used a “magic potion”(122) so Lo can be in a eternal slumber(Snow white comparison). Well for a fact Humbert dice not see Lolita for sex since he undressed her naked yet he did nothing. Lolita fake the whole thing because the pill had no effect so in reality Lo was the hunter and Humbert was the prey.Even when she kissed him in the room she was so good it seemed she was coached by another person. Then the whole scene when she was surprised by Humbert’s unawareness of sexual experience. I said Humbert was right all along with the nymphet theory.Well it seem Charlotte is haunting him through the grave so at the table it was the first time Zlolita showed compassion for her mother. After all the the worrying, Humbert comes out and breaks Lolita, now Humbert is the only thing she has.

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