Lolita 97-142

All this time we have seen Humbert Humbert scheme and plot to get Lolita in his clutches. Every day he would dedicate his time to perfecting his plan to steal her away from the world, “My scheme was a marvel of primitive art: I would whizz over to Camp Q, tell Lolita her mother was about to undergo a major operation at an invented hospital, and then keep moving with my sleepy nymphet from inn to inn while her mother got better and better and finally died” (106). The reader sees Humbert as a sick monster that desires nothing more than to consume her and that Lolita is too naïve to realize.

Sadly this is not true not only is Lolita aware of Humbert’s advances but she also embraces it. It is almost as if they both believe they are in fact lovers even though their love is deemed wrong by the rest of the world, “Say, wouldn’t Mother be absolutely mad if she found out we were lovers?” (114). There is in fact more to Lolita than what we all have been made to believe. All this affection that he has given to her has sat inside of her until the moment was right and he stole her away. Lolita, in secret from everyone including Humbert, has developed a love for him that is so strong that there “relationship” is in fact serious, “Fact I’ve been revoltingly unfaithful to you, but it does not matter one bit, because you’ve stopped caring for me, anyway” (112). Although they are different ages their love for each other, although sick and amoral, is almost beautiful. They are almost made for each other, two people driven by lust and impartial to any consequences that may follow.

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