“I had actually seen the agent of fate. I had palpated the very flesh of fate and its padded shoulder.” (103) Humbert blames many of his ideas to fate, not just in this session but throughout the few chapters I have read. When Humbert is at the hotel, after drugging Lolita, he tells us “Frigid gentlemen of the jury! By six she was wide awake, and by six fifteen we were technically lovers. I am going to tell you something very strange: it was she who seduced me”. (132) He has played with us before; he has through his book the power of confusion. He has proved himself, at times an unreliable narrator. He also admits he doesn’t remember details perfectly. Can I believe that Lolita truly seduced him? On the other hand, Lolita’s behavior does fit with her nasty, flirtatious nature “ You mean, she persisted, now kneeling above me, ‘you never did it when you were a kid?’ “ (133). As further matter, Humbert doesn’t describe the actual act of sex with Lolita in detail, as he says “not concerned with so-called ‘sex’ at all”. I think for Humbert, Lolita addiction goes beyond physical lust. Even when Humbert drugs Lolita, he only daydreams about her body. Humbers way of writing, transport me to his side of reality, where everything he has done is sane and nothing wrong with his action. As he is trying to convincing us, he was forced to do everything.

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