Lolita’s voice.

The scene I want to invert into Lolita’s voice is the one about Humbert leaving his room’s door ajar as a trap to catch Lolita. This scene can be find on section 11, page 48.

Saturday: My mother is not home and Mr. Humbert just walked into his room, his door is slightly open again. As I pass by his room for the unknown number of times I saw him writing and this crazy idea about going in there without being invited came to my head. As I was walking towards his room this nervousness gripped me. I opened the door without knocking. He looked surprise and his reactions was like he was waiting for me. Once in there I did not know what to do, so I was just wondering around while he kept on writing. Eventually I reached his desk and my curiosity lead me to some pages filled with nonsense words written in a very small letters I could not understand.

My Humbert is such a nice person to be around, it is nice to have an older friend. I feel like I can trust him. He makes me feel confident.

My stubbornness for trying to understand his writing kept me next to him. He was quiet all the time. It was a surprise when I felt his arm around me. I did not how to react, and I thought it was ok because he lives under the same roof as I am, and I consider him my friend. I even sat on his lap to continue trying to decipher what he wrote. I did not have the courage to see at his eyes but I knew he was looking at me. I wanted to run out of that room, but something kept me there until the loud noise of Louise’s voice telling my mother who just walked in about a dead animal in the basement. Louise’s story drag me out of there.

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