Lolita (34-97)

As we read more the books gets better and HH ideas of how getting Lolita gets only worst. We are introduce to Lolita and she is living where HH finds a new home to live in. When HH first sees Lolita he says there is his “Riviera love” (p39) referring to as Annabel and the love he had for her. HH claims that he had “fallen in love with Lolita forever” (p65) and he knows that Lolita is growing up and wont be at the stage of nymphet for long and soon will turn into a “young girl” and then “college girl” so he wants to take action as soon as he can. The way HH addition for Lolita is and thinks of her proves that he shouldn’t come out of that sanatorium he’s been because his illness will never go away. He’s not only going to harm Lolita but people that surrounds her due to the fact that he becomes addicted to her and wants her all to himself.

As the book goes HH ideas get dirtier and just wants to take advantage of every alone time he can with Lolita. His passion and love for Lolita get bigger that he is capable of doing anything to anybody to get what he wants. HH mind comes to point of thinking on eliminating Mrs. Haze to be able to be with Lolita and not having anyone to interfere. He shows no emotions on things that may happen to anyone surrounding him as long as he sees Lolita. For example when we see the murder of Mrs. Haze he was just thinking on getting rid of evidence that prove his dirty proof that Mrs Haze had found on proving HH dirty mind and all he thinks about after her death is being with Lolita.

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