Lolita 34-97

The book is actually becoming more and more interesting. I love how Lolita was introduce and how H.H change the scene into a journal in chapter 11. When H.H starts his journal it gives me much more Imagery . Such as when he goes to describe his Lo , he says “there my beauty lay down on her stomach showing me, showing the thousand eyes wide open in my blood, her slightly raised shoulder blades…….the incurvation of her spine, and the swelling of her tense narrow nates clothed in black” i picture a little girl obviously laying down with a little curved body especially going inward since he said incurvation with a black cloth. H.H using such information to describe certain thing just makes me feel more apart of the story.

Of course another thing about the chapters we had to read was when H.H was describing his first interaction with Lolita on page 57 chapter 13. He tells us how he wants the readers to very much participate with him as he describe his next scene. He even jumps into 3rd person format . what stuck out to me was when he called himself beast and called Lolita beauty. which instantly game me the thought of him being rough. “I felt proud of myself. i had stolen the honey of a spasm without impairing the morals of a minor.” ( 62)  Just a little bit i found that  disturbing for the simple fact he felt something between him and  lolita when in her mind she thought nothing of it.

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