Humbert’s Approach

Throughout the following reading assignment, Humbert had finally revealed “his” Lolita. She described it as her ad a light of first love. Throughout the story he seems desperate and sneaky in a way. He was devising ways of approaching her, but not to make it too obvious. His way seems sneaky and childish in a sense. It’s a tactic of his approach.  I’m guessing he wanted her to see him as an individual within her age group, one that she can fall in love with or relate to.

He also wanted the reader to know each and every move he was taking. At sometimes he seems like a lion stalking a pray, because of his stealthy move. He would try and slowly approach her and sneak a touch or just to have her near him. At some time he will then tries and bring her in through her own will.

Note: There was a little evidence that signifies that some of Humbert’s original diary note was discarded “not sure what you with that”.

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