Lolita (Pgs:34-97)

We finally get to meet Lolita, and I feel like the way it all happened and some subsequent events brings up the topic of fate. I knew Lolita was going to get introduced soon and when I read that HH was going to live with the Mccoos, AND they had a 12 year old daughter, I really felt like Lolita was going to be that daughter. However, what are the chances that this man’s house “has burned down” (#35.) So HH must find new accommodations. (Very unexpected) Then we learn that someone else was suppose to be occupying the room that HH is residing in at rs.Haze’s but “Miss Phalen broke her hip in Savannah, GA., on the very day I arrived in Ramsdale.” (#56) (REALLY NOW) Then finally when Mrs.Haze finds out about all of HH’s schemes and wants to end everything and all of HH’s hopes with Lolita, she gets murdered?! (#97) Now this to me is simply insane how is it that something that is so repulsive to society can be so acceptable by “fate.” I feel like fate is easily clearing his path so that he can proceed with his wrong doings and it’s simply confusing.

Then there is this whole Our Glass Lake, which HH figures out is actually spelled “Hourglass Lake”(#81) I feel like this is a representation of how time is interfering with HH’s fate. They were supposed to go to this lake so many times, but something always happened. Like a blockage. When they finally get to go HH doesn’t get to spend the time he wants with Lolita because of an interfere. Time also occurs against his fate because Lolita , within two years, will be leaving the nymphet stage and he wants to be able to take advantage of that, I believe HH wished that time didn’t have an effect on Lolita because of this reason.

In section 12 HH states ” It would have been logical on the part of Aubrey Mcfate…” (#56) Now looking back at page 52, this is actually one of the names in the student list from Lolita’s classroom. But the way that HH uses it in this specific instance confuses me. It seems like Aubrey Mcfate is not actually a student. If it is not, then I feel like this is HH’s awareness of fate playing in the most unexpected ways, and in that specific instance he is calling on fate to fix his dilemmas, even though we’re all aware that that’s not how it works.

I feel like this is something that is going to keep occurring over and over again through out the novel being that there are so many instances within a short period of the story.


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