Lolita pages 34-97

Well this story is getting very interesting every time i read it. Since he is obsessed with Lolita in order to stay closer to  her he decides to marry her mother Charlotte. The narrator shows no regret into what he is doing because he is in love with Lolita and plans to stay with her.  In page (66) he is worried about Lolita being away from him because she is going to summer camp for two months. Basically his mind starts making assumptions that she will mature. In my mind i was like wow he really loves her that even with the slightest  move he will go crazy. What i thought was funny was when he said he was planning on dressing up like a girl and go to summer camp with her in order to stay closer with each other. I wonder what will happen when she does grow older,would he still feel the same way towards her or will he change completely. Since older woman disgust him would he end up feeling that way towards Lolita when she’s older ?. Their are many questions in my mind about this story and its getting very intense. I just hope nothing bad happens to Lolita.

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