Lolita pages 34-97

So excited, we finally got to meet the famous Lolita 🙂 Well, once again the words in this book forever overwhelm me, but i have to give it its credit my vocabulary has been doing so much better since i started reading Lolita(Side-note)

It helps me understand more of HH character just by the way he expresses himself about women, the way he describes them. “A colored maid let me in”(page36), “The poor lady was in her middle thirties”(page37) and many more, but it just goes to show his mental state, what about being thirty would have him express himself toward her as the poor lady…thirty for some women is the best years of their lives “thirty and flirty”. HH feels that any girl that is not in their nymphet age just evolves to a hideous human being, its almost sickening the way he admires the women body at such a preadolescence and even immature state. It shows that he feeds of it and it gives him power and doesn’t feel threaten if he was ever to act on his impulses at his age.

I was really baffled by the way that things happened while i was reading, it was a lot of turn of event for HH in the way that everything seemed to be in his favor. The house burning down of the McCoos, Ms.Phalen breaking her hip in which she was suppose to occupy the room he was residing in, and finally the murder of Mrs.Haze after she realized what kind of person HH really is, when she was finally up to doing something about all of this and not let HH get his hopes up in having anything to do with Lolita, she is murdered. I mean what are the chances in one lifetime that some one especially HH to have such luck!?

The only upside is time, i like how HH is feeling tormented with time. That there is so much he can control but time isn’t one of them. I feel like he thinks he can also freeze Lolita in the time frame that she is, in the age that she is in. But i feel that this would lead to more dramatic actions from his part because he wont have all the time in the world with Lolita and its almost frighting to think what he would do.

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