Lolita Addiction

All I can say is damn, man. The ending to this section was wild but I do just want to focus on Humbert and Lolita. First off, Humbert could indeed be described as a predator(42), that is figuratively speaking of course, simply because of his fixed hunt for “prey”(42), Dolores “Lolita” Haze. In his diary, he compares himself to a spider whose “…web is spread all over the house…”(49), in hopes of catching Lolita wherever she may go. He also mentions how he sets a “trap”(48) to purposely lead Lolita into in his room, into his clutches. Yes…he’s a Lolita junkie.(I mean one of the things he found attractive in Mrs. Haze was her connection, “biologically”(76), with Lolita…He’s definitely a true addict.)

I don’t know about Lolita, that is in regards to what her intentions are. I’m wondering if she trying to lead Humbert on in anyway? Reason being placed just in the way she acts toward him, she’s playing with him too much…sort of in a flirtatious manner. We have the scene with the “apple”(58); how she’s leaning all up on him. The “hand”(51) strokes while on the way to the store, etc… It must be remembered that this is a complete stranger to Lolita. She could be “ignorant” to his caresses and lustful, nymphet “hieroglyphic” nightmares(48) but it’s clearly obvious that she has some type of affection towards him. This can be seen at the dinner table, when Mrs. Haze mocked her about going “dotty”(48) over Humbert, with more evidence being placed in her bedroom. The magazine pictures she’s ripped out, hanging above her bed, hold a close “resemblance”(69) to Humbert. An interesting belief Humbert held was that according to writers he was considered to of had all the “characteristics”(43) and features a little girl like Lolita would adore; characteristics which would jump start her pubescence. WILD!!!

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