While reading pages 34-97, what stood out to me was Humbert Humbert obsession for Lolita. It struck weird because he descriptively describe each day he and Lolita got close. “Humbert Humbert is also infinitely moved by the little one’s slangy speech, by her harsh high voice”(42). Humbert’s obsession freaks me out to the point where he should be looked up for all the things he about doing. From the first time he saw Lolita, Humbert Humbert search for a nymphet was right at his hand. Due to the fact that he actually live in the same residence or house as Lolita, his inner self wants to come out.

“Suddenly her hand slipped into mine and without our chaperon’s seeing, I held, and stroked, and squeezed that little hot, all the way to the store”(51). In this scene, Humbert is forced to go to the mall with Haze because he is good with picking things out. Lolita ran into the car and sat next to Humbert. What was odd for me was the fact he said “chaperon”. Humbert is a grown man so he doesn’t need a chaperon to watch him. I felt that the reasons why he said that was the inner child he lost due to Annabel’s death. Humbert never had the chance to actually sneak his attractions for someone like a little child would do around their parents. Humbert is making up for lost childhood experiences that he suppressed in his insane mind. As they arrived to the store, Humbert acted just like a child who got something they lone for taking away from him. In his case, holding hands or “connecting” in a way with Lolita.

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