Lolita (34-97)

By some bizarre twist of fate H.H meets his dream nymphet, Lolita!

The first thing that caught my interest from the begging of the story although it was never mentioned, was the possibility of Lolita actually liking H.H back. Which if you think about it is a double standard. H.H is a pedophile because he finds a certain age group attractive, but its perfectly fine for a girl in her teen years to have a feelings for an older man without being judged? Which brings back my question from my last post, is age really just a number?

I swear though H.H has some LUCK! Coincidently Lo has a crush on an actor, and H.H just so happens to resemble him. Go figure. He explains “Moreover, I am said to resemble some crooner or actor chap on whom Lo has a crush” (43). Which made me think, what if Lo actually never found him attractive would things have gone differently? Clearly she feels this sort of lust towards H.H because of the actor he seems to resemble.

Then theres all these creative ways H.H tries to get to Lolita in a discrete manner, but in this instance I feel everything changed. “I knew i could kiss her throat or the wick of her mouth..i knew she would let me to do so, and even close her eyes as hollywood teaches” (48) Putting aside his so called “experience” with nymphets, he’s actually able to realize that he doesn’t have to work as hard to get to Lolita because she also wants H.H to make his move already! But as always Mrs. Haze is always interrupting.

And what do you know Mrs. Haze also has a crush on H.H!? Can you believe this S&#*! Mother and daughter fighting over the same guy, unbelievable! Not really but i was still baffled.

One things for sure, before you can truly understand his actions (H.H) pedophile seems like a really strong word. I would say more misunderstood than anything. For instance, “Pathetic-because despite the insatiable fire of my venereal appetite, I intend with the most fervent force and foresight to protect the purity of that twelve year old child”(63). He merely wants to pleasure himself, yes i know its disgusting! BUT he truly does care about Lolita and her innocence. That statement also allows us to see the inner conflict he seems to struggle with all the time.

Im not sure how I feel anymore, mostly confused, with everything that has happened so far. But i definitely am i enjoying the book for sure! My vocab is also expanding which is a big plus.

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