Lolita 34-97

Lolita as last let Humbert welcome us to his illustration of his perception of Lo. Lee. Ta, well Humbert encounter with Lolita is on a mind blown experience with the perfect fairy tale.(39) Not only he found his perfect mate this timid little nymphet who seemed to have gotten Humbert impressed with her. At last someone who can uptake Humbert’s ambitions of a fairy tale kingdom of nymphehts with the perfect princess whom was only in his dream world.(44) Well this is a one way gate into the perfect delusion of Humbert, not only his life was enlighten but Humbert had a personality adjusted while around his dream nymphet. He lived around a war with Ms. haze and Lo, they would have these battles of word while Humbert being Humbert was trapped in this own delusion dealing with Lolita on a regular bases. Some of you guys would say he is just a pedophile taking advantage of a little girl’s pure heart but indeed this is not Humbert’s point of view. He is endowed in Lolita figure and have dreams for telling his story of his little princesses by this unforeseen lake which leads us to foretelling of the story?(54) Humbert wasn’t just timid old Humbert but became a manly man to impress his new love. It gets deeper into passion as the times they spent together, Humbert wants to be with the love of his life but has to overcome the obstacles Ms.haze unknowing is placing on Humbert but as he seem to overtake them his reward was quality time with Lo.Lee.Ta. Well I also see Ms.haze as another type of obstacles for Humbert since it seem he actually have feelings for her but doesn’t really explore outside his personal excitement yet he brings up her beauty every now and then and even thought about marrying her.(70)I’d say this will bring a conflict later on due his mortal perception of his ideology of a perfect partner,I’ll just stick with the Perfect kingdom for now.

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