Humbert Not Sane

The fantasy that takes place in Humbert Humbert’s head is pretty sick to say the least. I mean the way he fantasized about Dolores made it clearer that he was not cured after leaving the sanitarium. This lead me to just try and profile how he views himself among others. I really feel he’s clever in his gesture towards Mrs. Haze because his only goal is to get to Dolores who he calls “Lo.” “Why does the way she walks–a child, mind you, a mere child!–excite me so abominably?” After he says that he sternly asked us the jurors to analyze why that is so. It was very hard to tell at first but in the end I came up with a little theory of my own. I felt that Humbert Humbert is lacking confidence and feels that he needs to start literally with the toddlers to feel like a person again. I kinda put it in his mind the younger the berry the sweeter the juice which is sick but a catchy theory moreless.

Even more so to try an prove my theory, he’s constantly wrapped up in Dolores and would do anything to be with her at the dispense of her mother Charlotte. He even said it himself that “The natural solution was to destroy Ms. Humbert.” I never really understood why that was necessary in his mind although Mrs. Humbert never really like the idea of Dolores liking Humbert and evidently Humbert Humbert is disgusted by the way she treats Delores. They had already had intercourse and that to me was devastating but the fact that he want to get rid of the child’s life giver to be with her is on a whole other level. When Charlotte ┬ásent Dolores away to camp I thought that was the tipping point for her death but in the end they got married.

Surprise he’s married to a normal sized woman for once but who is to say he’s in love with her? I really find that a hard prove based on the fact that prior he had no attraction towards her but towards her daughter and that he tried to kill her but couldn’t get himself to do it. I really felt a sigh of relief when he decided not to kill her but suddenly his plan started falling into place. She was hit by a car having found the disgusting love letters written by him not towards her evidently. I felt really sad because although he didn’t directly do it he did manage to gain some time with Lolita or does he ?

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