Reminder: Essay #1 due this Thursday, 10/3

Hi everyone.

Just a friendly reminder that Essay #1 is due before class begins on Thursday. We discussed strategies for writing argumentative essays (for close reading of a short story) in class last Thursday, and I’m meeting with some of you individually to discuss your work during my office hours. These brief meetings have been really productive/generative, and I’m happy to meet with others before Thursday if you’d like (but please e-mail me ASAP if you’d like to set up a time to meet).

If you haven’t done so already, it is essential that you read the Essay #1 Assignment carefully before revising/submitting your final draft. Also, make sure to review the Essay Formatting Guidelines and the Dropbox submission requirements (all of this contributes to your grade on the essay).

You should also visit the Writing Resources section of our course site if you need a review of essay elements like thesis statements, topic sentences, incorporating quotations, MLA citation, etc. And don’t forget about the Elements of Fiction reading on our Course Schedule (look at 9/10), which provides useful strategies for understanding fiction and writing about it.

Happy writing! I look forward to reading your essays 🙂

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