Lolita (Pgs 1-34)

In order to really understand what’s going on in this book I had to reread several parts until I understood it. There are key words that we need to know their meanings in order to understand what the author means in certain sentences so I had to look up words to know what they meant. But overall the beginning of this book is good because the author tells us characters within the story, who they are and clearly gives us a details on what the plot of this book is going to be about. It makes u want to keep reading to know what will happen next and what type of things are going to happen as we keep on reading.

We are introduce to, Humbert, a man who basically is a pedophile and is obsessed with “nymphets.” In the first chapter he describes to us Lolita’s name and describes her name in different ways and what some meant. We also learn that he had a previous lover before Lolita. He also then calls us readers as a jury saying, “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury”(pg. 9) as in preparing us to hear his dark tale or all his crimes that he have committed. Humbert then goes on telling us that was born in Paris 1910 mixture of Swiss, French and Austrian descent (pg. 9). His father owned a luxury hotel on the Riviera where he was raised. His mother died as in what he called a freak accident, “picnic, lightening” when he was only three years old. He also tells us that he grew up as “happy and healthy child.” (pg. 10) He attended an English day school near the hotel where he first met Annabel. When he first met her he had no one to talk about or consult about matters of sex or anything he needed because most the time his father was away on trips. They both hooked up several times holding hands under the sun at the beach. Annabel died of typhus. From what Humbert’s talks in the story he becomes attracted to young girls since he was with Annabel and thats why he claims that Lolita and her are connected and his reasons for doing the things he does. Annabel is the main key factor for why Humbert is attracted to young girls because he was so in love with Annabel and her being the first love he had since he was at young age explains his actions and ways of seeing females.

As you read more in this book you start feeling that you want to know more and more of Humbert’s life story. Is a very interesting plot that we are given which makes the book good. Aside from the vocabulary in this book we need to really understand many words to be able to really understand the details the author gives us. But overall this book gets better and better.

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