This story struck me as a love story at first but later down the line it took a turn in the author’s life. So the narrator had witness a freak accident pertaining his mother and which leads my interpretation of why he hated older woman. Now I will discuss the first major point in this story who was Annabel a girl the narrator loved who was actually his first love. Later down I felt his whole lifestyle surrounded this girl image. So he couldn’t be with her so he refers back to that time as a nightmare summer in which he does not want to revisit that “fateful” day, now I will start the second major point which were nymphet but here is the narrator’s definition of that word “between the age limits of nine and fourteen the reoccur maidens who, to certain bewitched travelers, twice or many times older than they, reveal their true nature which is not human, but nymphic and these chosen creatures I propose to designate as”nymphets”(16). I had to quote him on that part since nymphets is used throughout the story and basically he describe them as a forbidden fruit. As I progress thought the story to which we(our era) seems like he is a pedophile but in his era these things were common among them. He was the type of person who creeps in parks to seek peeks so young girls which reminds him subconsciously of his love Annabel. Later on the narrator finds this girl Monique who was out of his age liking, he had dates but I found his transition after her surprising, which he calls her a “young whore”(23)because she would go around trapping older men to get money/expenses paid for. After realizing what she is he calls himself a pervert with starting to look up to a fictional character “Humbert”who lusts after young girls.The narrator had gotten married which later on reveals she leaves him without saying a word after that he seemed his mentally went back to the days of enjoying nymphets. I found it ironic on page 34 that they deemed him a homosexual.

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