Lolita is definitely an interesting book that I wish we didn’t have to read lol. From the few pages we had to read I could say the book isn’t too bad. In the beginning the book the narrator shares with us that he sharing his stories with a jury and him also admit that his murder. I like the part when he starts reminiscing about how he grew up in Paris. When Annabel comes into the story I feel like they are very much in line with one another. But even when he talked about her Lolita name still seem to appear. Later in chapter 5 the narrator then starts to talks about nymphet. Meaning the type of girls he is attracted to which between the ages of nine and four. As I kept reading the thought of what if his mother never died would this grown man still having these feelings towards adolescence. If he would have grown up with the proper care and love would he still be the way he is now.

As the narrator who I now know name is Humbert continues, he reveals how he got married which was something I didn’t expect and didn’t like. The mind state the he was in he had no business getting married. When his wife confesses to having an affair it was definitely karma. But he then begins to show his anger, in which he wanted to kill her because of this act that she committed. the story plot is very good in my opinion but the text itself is horrible which gives me a harder time to understand.

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