Lolita: The Beginning

The narrator has a huge interest in Lolita. These introductory pages explain how pure-hearted Lolita is and how she always get the narrator to stay positive. The narrator calls her the “light of his life” (9) which signifies her pure-heartedness. This suggests that Lolita has a positive influence on the narrator’s life.

The narrator may have had a bad life before he met Lolita which is partially proven in the text. One of the narrator’s negative impacts on his life is the loss of his mother at the age of three (10); losing a mother at this age is very tragic. However, on the contrary, the narrator, reminiscing his childhood, was raised as a “happy, healthy child” (2), leading him to have a positive life. Part of his positive attitude involves getting good grades and becoming friendly in school.

The narrator losing his mother is probably the only bad part about the narrator’s life, the other being Annabel’s apparent death (5). Annabel is a girl who bears a resemblance to Lolita. The narrator seems to like Annabel the same way he likes Lolita. Because of Annabel’s death, the narrator feels that Lolita is comforting him over this tragedy. Could Lolita be a reincarnation of Annabel? Is there any part of Annabel or Lolita that the narrator really likes?

Overall, the narrator seems to be an extremely happy person especially with Lolita supporting him. The only thing that supposedly destroyed his happiness is that someone he loves dies (his mother and Annabel). This could turn out to be an interesting story based on how Lolita plays a role on the narrator’s life.


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