Lolita By Vladimir Nabokov 1-34

In the novel narrator seem to have an obsession with young girl. Through out the novel the narrator keep calling them nymphets. In the fist part of the novel the narrator flashback to his childhood sweetheart and begin to tell why the narrator is obsess with young girl. The narrator try very hard to break away for his childhood sweetheart but have a hard time doing so. When the narrator  try to so do something comes to his mind and her remember Annabel.  “Annabel was, like the writer, of mixed parentage: half English, half-Dutch, in her case. I remember her features far less distantly today than I did few year ago before Lolita”(11). The narrator give a caparison between Lolita and Annabel on how they look alike. Annabel look and her death, the narrator never got over them. By seeing Lolita brought back memory  of Annabel for the narrator causing the narrator to become more obsess.  “I leaf again and again through these memories and keep asking myself”(4). The narrator felt that her was rob of a adolescent romance. The narrator think about these memory because he think that he and Annabel were meant to be together. The narrator that about what he could have done to send more time with Annabel. He also say that he blames Annabel for his obsession with nymphets. His obsession is so overwhelming, eve though he is marry he couldn’t stoping thinking about nymphets. The narrator spend most of this his sitting in the part and look a nymphets. The narrator character is describe as some one who keep to him-self and keep thinking about his old memory.


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