I totally hate this book; it’s so complicated to read. The little that I understood was that the narrator was raised by his father and that his mother had died suddenly and he describes this traumatic event with only two words: “picnic, lightning”. It gets more interesting when he met Annabel. Though they are just friends at the beginning, their friendship soon changes into passionate, adolescent love. It’s awkward because they never manage to consummate their “love”, and four months late she dies. I think Humbert started liking young girls because Annabel. He also says that he was only to able to break free of Annabel’s spell when he met Lolita. He tells the reader that he was only able to break free of Annabel’s spell when he met Lolita, more than twenty years later. I like when Humbert used Greek, Jewish, Latin mythology terms, like eve, Lilith, and nymphet, which is a girl between the ages of nine and fourteen(according to Humbert). He’s sexually attracted to this type of prostitutes. Then he gets married to Valeria, he chooses Valeria because of her childlike nature.

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