When i was reading Lolita it was really difficult to understand at first but when i went on reading i soon began to see what the author was talking about. At first Humbert begins explaining he was a murderer and the names he used to give to his “love”. Then he goes on explaining that we the readers are the jury. He basically is telling us what he does , but what really caught my attention was when he said that Lolita wasn’t his first girl. Before her he used to have another girl called “exhibit number one” (page 1) . He then goes on describing his childhood and the time he met this one girl called Annabel leigh and how their friendship grew beyond what he ever imagined. He wanted to have sex with annabel but four months later she dies of typhus corfu. I didn’t really know what that meant but in mind i thought it was a sickness. Soon after Annabel  dies he then explains that she and Lolita are somehow similar. He also says in chapter four that ever since he met Lolita she  was able to break the spell that Annabel had put upon him. So far this book is really interesting it has some difficult to understand parts but overall its a pretty good book we just have to concentrate what Humbert is trying to say and we as the jury have to find out why.

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